Super-Sized Adventure

Over 160 courses of classic Super Mario platforming action that you can play at home or on the go!

Nintendo Switch

Two games in one, for double the fun!

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe features the New Super Mario Bros. U game and the harder, faster New Super Luigi U game—a perfect pair for beginners and seasoned speedrunners alike. With so much ground to cover, and multiple modes to choose from, there are hours (and hours!) of gameplay packed in here!


Explore the Mushroom Kingdom

From frozen peaks to sizzling sands, your quest to rescue Princess Peach will lead you on an epic journey across the Mushroom Kingdom—check it out!

Yoshi Egg
Detailed map of Acorn Plains.
Detailed map of Layer Cake Desert.
Detailed map of Sparkling Waters.
Detailed map of Frosted Glacier.
Detailed map of Soda Jungle.
Detailed map of Meringue Clouds.
Detailed map of Peach's Castle.
Detailed map of Rock Candy Mines.
  • Acorn Plains

    Boss: Lemmy

    You’ll find Waddlewings here, munching on their favorite snack, Super Acorns. If you steal one, you’ll be able to glide like they do!

  • Layer-Cake Desert

    Boss: Morton

    Wait, is it “desert” or “dessert”? Maybe it’s both! Trek through ancient ruins and giant cakes to get to the other side of this burning wasteland.

  • Sparkling Waters

    Boss: Larry

    This would be a tropical paradise if it weren’t for all the Big Urchins and Dragoneels. On the plus side, sunken ghost ship!

  • Frosted Glacier

    Boss: Wendy

    It’s slippery and cold here, so watch out for the Cooligans who live here sliding on their bellies to get you! Fight back with Ice Flowers!

  • Soda Jungle

    Boss: Iggy

    Who knows what you’ll find in this mysterious jungle? Giants? Poisonous swamps? Oil paintings? It could be anything!

  • Rock-Candy Mines

    Boss: Roy

    These mines reach high into the mountains, where retractable bridges and mine carts will help you get around.

  • Meringue Clouds

    Boss: Ludwig

    Floating high (and deliciously) above the ground, you’ll have to watch your step here, because it’s a loooooong way down!

  • Peach’s Castle

    Boss: You-know-who!

    Bowser has taken over and turned this lovely castle into a deathtrap of falling rocks and molten magma. You’ll have to fight for your life!

Pick up and play, anytime, anywhere on Nintendo Switch!

Pick up and play

With all the different ways the Nintendo Switch system can be played, you can take this adventure with you wherever you go!

Handheld mode

Fight Bowser on your own...

Tabletop mode

...or with a best buddy...

TV mode

...or invite the whole gang!

Red Joycon
Blue joycon

Multiply the mayhem

Team up with friends and family for even more frantic fun. Need a boost? Try jumping off a teammate’s head or getting a teammate to throw you!

Red Joycon
Blue joycon

1-2 players

Each player only needs a single Joy-Con™ controller to join in the fun, so two-player co-op is a breeze, with no additional accessories required.

Pro Controller
Grey joycon
Red Joycon
Blue joycon

3-4 players

With an extra set of Joy-Con controllers or Pro Controllers (sold separately), up to four players can play, adding lots more fun—and chaos—to the mix!