Ways to play

Whether you’re flying solo or playing with pals, there’s sure to be a fun game mode that everyone in the group can enjoy!

Nintendo Switch

Story mode

Race across the Mushroom Kingdom through two versions of a thrilling adventure—each version has its own distinct courses!

New Super Mario Bros U.

The original adventure! Bowser’s sent a colorful cast of minions to stop you from reaching Princess Peach’s castle. To save the Mushroom Kingdom, you’ll have to beat them all.

New Super Luigi U.

Little bro Luigi gets the spotlight in this harder, faster version of the game. Players can jump higher, but they skid more and you get less time to finish each course, adding to the challenge.

Additional game modes

As you work your way through the Story Mode, you can unlock these fun modes where you can play as a Mushroom Kingdom friend or even as a Mii™ character!


Test your skills with several themed challenges, some of which are played in courses not found in the main game.

Boost Rush

Rush through courses that scroll at increasing speeds as you collect Coins, and aim for the fastest possible completion time.

Coin Battle

Up to four friends race each other and see who can grab the most Coins. Play the included Coin Courses as-is or hop into Coin Edit mode to customize them!

Tricks and Tips

New to the series? New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe offers a variety of tips throughout the game for those who need a little help.


17 helpful hints can be found right on the New Super Mario Bros. U main menu.


If you’re connected to the internet, you can watch 200 short tutorial videos, too!

Super Guide

If you’re playing New Super Mario Bros. U alone and lose five lives in a course, a Super Guide Block will appear. Hit it to activate the Super Guide, which will show you how to complete the course. From there, you can choose to move on to the next course or give the one you’ve been working on another try.

Super-Star Mario running across the screen.